Save time, trouble and money!

Your customs clearance agents are the people you rely on to smooth the progress of your imports or exports through the tangle of red tape and legislation.

With the right customs clearance service you can be confident your goods will progress smoothly, swiftly and without undue problems.  With the wrong ones you could be facing a nightmare of queries, confusion and expensive delays.

So be sure to choose the right customs agent.
Aerona (Air & Sea) Customs Clearing Agents, Oldham, Greater Manchester



With many years experience in providing customs clearance and freight forwarding services to both importers and exporters, we offer a highly personal facility that will be an asset to your business - not just another expense.

We work closely with you, not just for you, to achieve all your logistics objectives and to ensure that all shipments comply with customs requirements so your goods progress safely, securely, and speedily through customs at all major UK and international air and seaports.
Thanks to our unique experience and expertise we can also help you develop new products, explore new markets and learn about global changes that could affect your plans.

What’s more, because we are very proactive – foreseeing issues before they become problems - our friendly, professional service and expert advice will reduce your costs and save you money.